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Twisted Fairytales: Belle by Chuchy5
by Chuchy5

Wow, this is very nice, very deep and meaningful. The quote is your description is very mysterious and profound, it adds depth instead ...

Bella Morte by Kendra-Paige

'Bella Morte' means 'Beautiful Death' in Italian...and that's exactly what this is. Angelina looks so soft and graceful and ethereal, f...

DARIA by MartaSyrko

This is gorgeous! The warm colors, even in winter, are a great touch. The blurred background looks busy, so it makes her look very peac...

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Oh gosh...Onion Boy 6 

It's always the last few episodes of an anime that are the hardest to much so that when I was watching Say I Love You, I accidentally skipped an episode towards the end Sweating a little... 

Anyways, Welcome To The NHK is an anime that I've been watching for some time now and have just finished. Here's a review of it:

Welcome to the NHK is a psychological anime about a 22-year-old hikikomori named Tatsuhiro Satou, who, ever since he dropped out of college, has been out of school and work and living in almost complete solitude on his parents' allowance for four years. (For those who don't watch much anime, a hikikomori is an adolescent or young adult suffering from a psychological cultural affliction, where they avoid school, work, and social interaction, and just stay in their home all the time, rarely or never going outside. They're basically modern-day hermits.) Satou has a paranoid belief that an organization called the NHK is after him and wants to keep him a hikikomori forever. Because of this and Satou's bizarre hallucinations and nightmares, some fans of the anime speculate that Satou has paranoid-type schizophrenia. However, it was mentioned in the Welcome To The NHK manga that Satou hallucinates because he abuses hallucinogens that are legal in Japan. Personally, I would attribute his paranoia to what seems to be crippling social anxiety, because in the times he goes out (which I'll explain), he instantly imagines everyone around him judging him and laughing at him...along with the near-obsessive belief in conspiracies held by his high school senpai, Hitomi, which she instilled him too. And, well, isolate yourself from all social contact for four years and you are going to go a little crazy.
So, what happens is, one day, a girl named Misaki and her aunt come to Satou's apartment and claim to have a cure for the hikikomori condition. Satou is reluctant to accept counseling from Misaki at first, but after some convincing, agrees to it.

So, how did Misaki know that Satou is a hikikomori?



It is revealed in a later episode that from her house, she can see into his apartment.


onion head 'shock_' 

Satou is almost instantly attracted to Misaki when he first meets her, and I wanted to think she would reciprocate some romantic feelings. When Satou, in his feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, joins a mass-suicide with Hitomi and some other guys, Misaki and his friend Yamazaki try to talk him out of it. Misaki is crying and yelling that to Satou that she needs him, and when he asks why, I was so hoping she'd just say "Because I love you!"...

...But no ... She didn't.

Though, what to me were the BEST moments in Welcome To The NHK were:
  1. Satou had attempted suicide by throwing himself off a towering cliff, and in Episode 23 it showed a flashback of Misaki's mother jumping off a similar cliff where Misaki used to live. 
  2. In the same episode, in a fit of rage, Satou was about to punch Misaki, and Misaki covered her head and cowered in fear, begging Satou to stop. In Episode 23, again, it showed a flashback of Misaki's abusive stepfather.
I didn't take any pleasure in these scenes, of course; I just consider it a piece of literary genius because they were such great plot devices Clap 

Anyways, Misaki really only keeps Satou around because she's a clingy, insecure girl who wants to use Satou to make herself feel better. She wants to reassure herself that despite her insecurities about herself, there is someone who has it worse than her, and that person depends on her for direction in his life.

Most of the people that Satou knows are like him. They all live very small lives and have truly lost all faith in humanity. Because of the stormy relationships and unfaithful girlfriends that Yamazaki had in the past, he believes that all women are trash, and turns to hentai and galge games as a means of escapism; to immerse himself in a world of fictional girls who are cute, sweet, shy, servile, or however he wants them. Satou's senpai, Hitomi, believes that the world is full of conspiracies and no human relationships are truly caring or loving ones. Because of the desperate attempts that Satou's former classmate, Megumi, has made to stay financially afloat, she believes life is so difficult that the only way to avoid suffering is to make others suffer, because people will give anything to find someone beneath them to reassure themselves that things aren't that bad for them.
Satou believes similar things, especially that himself and his life are lower than trash. He by no means wants to stay a hikikomori forever, actually it's the last thing he wants, and he desperately wants to break free of it...yet at the same time he feels the need to stay a hikikomori because he thinks there's no way he can go outside or in social situations...and it's what he's been used to for years. When Misaki does manage to coax him out of his apartment at times, all kinds of things happen to him outside, and sometime he gets himself into a huge mess. It seems at times in the anime that something disastrous is always happening to him.
What's ironic is that the person who uses and abuses Satou the most is Misaki, the one who is supposed to be helping him.

What struck me in later episodes was just how lonely Satou became. From the beginning of the anime, the only people in Satou's life at all are his parents, Misaki, Yamazaki, and Hitomi (who Satou doesn't keep much contact with). In the middle of the anime, Satou's father loses his job, and despite his parents' best efforts, they have to cut Satou's allowance in half. Towards the end of the anime, there's Misaki, Yamazaki, Hitomi, and Megumi, but Satou has a falling out with her. Eventually Yamazaki moves away, and the only person left to be there for Satou is Misaki.

Despite Satou being used by Misaki, both he and Misaki lead very similar lives. They both see no purpose, meaning, or worth at all in their existences, and they are both miserable, sad, and lonely. At first I was angry at Misaki for using Satou to make herself feel better, but towards the end of the anime I just felt too bad for her...since she had been abused by her stepfather as a child, her mother committed suicide, and her life was so terribly sad and lonely she felt her existence was valueless and was being manipulated by an evil deity...and she was desperate to find some spark of self-worth.

Things keep spiraling downhill as Satou's parents have to cut off his allowance completely and Yamazaki stops sending Satou milk and cheese. With no assurance of food and shelter, Satou is left with no choice but to work to survive. Thus he officially escapes being a hikikomori. Without Satou or any companionship whatsoever, feeling completely lonely and worthless, Misaki attempts suicide. Before she does, she explains to Satou that she believes her father and mother died because of her, her aunt's missionary work went downhill because she had tried to help, thus her aunt and uncle started fighting because of her, and that everyone around her suffers because of her, as her stepfather had once told her. She reveals that her whole project to cure Satou's hikikomori condition had been to prove her stepfather wrong; to prove that she was helpful, valuable, and needed to someone. In this way, she mirrors Akito from Fruits Basket, another emotional story and one of the first manga I read: both of them had abusive parents who convinced their daughters that they were worthless and burdensome, and so the daughters went to extreme levels to prove to their parents, and to themselves, that their lives had value. Despite Satou begging her to live, Misaki falls backwards off the cliff...until Satou catches her. He explains to her that she did nothing wrong and the people who made her suffer were in the wrong...basically, he has a massive heel-face turn where he decides to help her instead of be angry at her. But then, he blames all of her suffering, and all the suffering of the world, on the NHK, summons a huge imaginary monster, pretends his phone is a bomb that's the only thing that can defeat it, and jumps towards it, over the cliff, to save Misaki...Facepalm I am not kidding, that scene is actually that trippy. But it turns out there was construction being done on the cliff so he fell on a chain-link fence that was laid over the hole in the rocks that people would jump through as suicide. "JUST LET ME HAVE MY DRAMATIC DEATH, DAMN IT! THIS IS CHEATING!" he screams XD Since they're in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold and the station is an hour away, Misaki takes Satou to her old house. He's the only person to go in there besides her and her parents. Misaki wants to hear something back from Satou after she tells him this, and she promises to listen to every word no matter how boring it is. At first he tells her a dirty joke he had told her before, but Misaki gets blushy and angry so he stops XD Then he tells her a little about his childhood. And the screen fades out...


*Scene opens with cherry blossoms*

Me: Ok, good Phew! 

So, Satou gets letter from both Yamazaki and Hitomi. Yamazaki has now gotten engaged, and Hitomi had her firstborn baby without any problems. Satou still has a job, and he's helping Misaki study to go back to high school and eventually college. Nobody's problems were actually solved, yet things are still looking up for them. They have much more stable lives now, with people they treasure and love :) (Smile) 

Welcome To The NHK wasn't the best anime I've ever seen, but it was a really great one and I really liked it Clap It falls in the psychological genre, which can very easily still make a good manga or anime...just as long as you're ok with some trippy and/or off-putting scenes, and MANY TIMES having your mind messed with to Hell and back Onion Boy 6 Loveless is in the psychological genre too...and it's so addictive, you can't read one volume without passing the point of no return Reading 

Rose This has been StrongButGentle Ohm... Ohm... 


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a dreamer and an artist just like all of you . . .

I have been drawing since I was six years old. I didn't think much of my drawings, but my classmates were stunned by them. I drew a pair of pink Converse sneakers when I was nine years old, and my mom was so amazed she got me to sign it and made copies of it to everyone she knew. Then she consigned me to a ton of art courses in drawing, painting, and a little of ceramics.
Art is a natural talent and a gift. Sports have different seasons, school ends eventually, but art stays with you forever.
To me, music and art are the most beautiful and compelling forms of self-expression and catharsis. Art is the breath of life in me; it is my passion, my joy, and my sanctuary. I draw and write whenever I feel the pull - I have much more time in the summer, but despite school, workload, and stress, I draw and write in between.

I mostly do photography, anime art, fan art, realistic drawings, and literature. I have many art pieces, I am the founder of Ran-maoFC and a contributor to PhotographySeasons, and I update my journal entry every few days to weekly :)


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